3 Winter Outfit Tips

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The winter months can be cold, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a fashion victim. It’s easy to dress in layers and make sure your feet and hands are warm. You just have to know what not to wear and where not to skimp on clothing or accessories.

Layer up

The first layer of your outfit should be a comfortable sweater or hoodie. You don’t want to be too warm, but you should avoid the chill. Also, wearing a button-down shirt underneath your coat is not recommended. If you’re going to wear a button-down, do it over the sweater because it’s easier to take off if you get too hot. Don’t wear multiple sweaters and shirts on top of each other—just one will suffice!

Next up: pants! It’s up to you whether or not these should be jeans or khakis, depending on how cold it actually is outside—but for the purposes of this article, let’s assume these are jeans (and maybe some leggings under them). My favorite pair of jeans are from American Eagle Outfitters—they’re super soft and thick enough that I feel protected against any winter elements that might come my way during my daily commute from home to work. The most important thing about keeping warm in winter weather is dressing appropriately for what kind of environment you’ll be spending your time inside or outside all day long; even though there may be snow on the ground right now where I live, my morning commute still involves walking through subways tunnels which means plenty more exposure than just being outside itself!

Don’t forget your feet and hands.

Don’t forget your feet and hands.

A good pair of boots is a must for winter weather. The right pair will keep you comfortable through snow, slush, and icy roads. If you’re looking for a new pair of boots, make sure they have a waterproof coating and are insulated enough to keep your feet warm on the inside when it’s cold outside. Don’t forget about gloves and hats either! When it comes to keeping your body temperature balanced in the winter months, layers are key: keep an extra set stashed in your bag just in case you get caught out without them!

Don’t sacrifice form for function.

You don’t have to sacrifice style for function, however. You can look just as stylish in your winter outfit and still be warm.

For example: a scarf—wrapped around the neck or hanging down—is a way of adding color and pattern to an all-black outfit, plus it covers up what you’re wearing under your coat so nobody will see how much of an ugly sweater addict you are. Amazing winter outfit.

A hat is another great option for hiding unattractive hair styles (like bangs or pony tails) underneath it and keeping your head warm at the same time.

Dress for the elements

The weather can be unpredictable, especially in the winter. Dress in layers so that you can take off or put on clothes as needed.

Wear warm socks, gloves and hat to protect your extremities from the cold. If you need to step outside during a cold snap, make sure your shoes are waterproof as well.

It’s also important to remember that while it might not feel like it out there (especially if you’re from Southern California), you still need sunscreen!


Picking a winter outfit can be a challenge, but with these tips you’ll be ready to face it head on. Layer up, don’t forget your feet and hands, and don’t sacrifice form for function. This will help you look great while staying warm in whatever weather comes your way!

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