How to Use Aloe Vera Properly

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Aloe vera is one of the most popular skincare products in the world. It’s used to treat all kinds of skin conditions, from acne to psoriasis and beyond. But did you know that aloe vera also has a ton of other benefits? In this post I’ll explain how to use aloe vera properly so you can get the most out of it—whether you’re using it on your face or elsewhere on your body.

Cut an aloe leaf from the plant at its base.

  • Use a sharp knife to make the cut.
  • Cut away from your body, and not too close to the base of the plant, so it doesn’t bleed too much and dry out.
  • Don’t cut off more than you need: leave at least two-thirds of a fruit on each leaf for best results!

Keep fresh aloe gel in a sealed container in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

Keeping fresh aloe gel in a sealed container in the refrigerator for up to two weeks will keep it from drying out and clumping. This will also prevent contamination, which can cause the gel to smell bad.

Use both aloe gel and aloe juice for maximum benefit.

While aloe gel is great for burns and skin irritation, it’s also a good idea to use aloe juice for your overall health. Aloe juice can be used for digestion problems, heartburn, liver problems, constipation and even as a laxative.

It’s important to note that aloe vera juice has the same nutrients found in aloe vera gel but without any of the mucilage (the gelatinous substance that makes up most of an leaf). This means you can use it in place of just about any other type of fruit or vegetable juice! As far as its healing properties go: it works great as a wound healer because it contains vitamin A and other antioxidants known to help heal wounds quickly while also reducing inflammation.

Apply it directly to the skin, not just your face.

Aloe vera is a great multi-purpose product. It can be used on the hair, as well as the skin—which means it’s not just for your face!

If you have dry, damaged hair or are looking for an alternative to plastic conditioners, aloe vera gel can help restore moisture and shine to your locks. In order to make this work, you’ll need to apply the gel directly onto wet hair (let’s call it a “conditioning treatment”) before washing it out with shampoo only. As with any natural remedy like this, consistency is key: if you want long-term benefits from using it as a deep conditioner once every few weeks (or months), then make sure that’s all you use it for. You don’t want to mix up your routines by using both aloe vera gel and regular conditioner; doing so could leave some areas of your scalp feeling greasy while leaving others feeling dehydrated.


Aloe vera is a great natural remedy for many things, but it’s not for everyone. If you have sensitive skin or allergies to the ingredients in aloe vera gel, it may be best to avoid using it altogether. It’s also important to keep in mind that while aloe vera gel has many benefits when applied topically, ingesting large amounts can cause some serious side effects (like vomiting). If you want to use aloe vera as an over-the-counter acne treatment or homeopathic remedy, follow these tips and be sure not to overdo it!

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