4 ways of using lip gloss

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lip gloss


Lip gloss is often thought of as the finishing touch to an otherwise finished look. If you’re going for a bold lip, you’ll probably want to pair it with just a little bit of gloss—not much more than some subtle shine. But what about other ways you can use it? Lip gloss has so many different uses that there’s a whole new way to think about this classic beauty product. Here are some ideas:

Lip gloss over lipstick

If you’re wearing lipstick and want to make it last longer, try putting some gloss on top of it. It is moisturizing, so it will help to keep your lips hydrated and prevent them from drying out. You’ll also have the benefit of a shiny, glossy look that can make your lips look fuller than they are.

Ombre lips

  • Use a lip liner to create a gradient
  • Use a lip brush to apply the gloss, making sure you cover all of your lips
  • Blend together both colors with your fingers or with a brush until they’re evenly mixed together
  • Apply lipstick in whatever shade you wish, allowing it to dry before blending with your fingers or a makeup sponge

Highlighted cupid’s bow

If you’re looking to highlight your cupid’s bow, the area right above your lip line, it can help make it appear more prominent. To do so, apply a light color of gloss with a lip brush and blend well.

Highlighter for your eyes

Lip gloss can be used as a highlighter for the eyes. This is a great tip, especially if you don’t have time to do an entire eye makeup look or just want something quick and easy.

  • Use a small amount of lip gloss on your eyelid and use a brush to apply it in circular motions until you’ve covered all of your lid area
  • Apply a lighter shade for daytime wear, or go for something darker for nighttime looks!
  • Take care with blending using either a lip brush or finger so that there aren’t any harsh edges visible when viewed from afar (which means far away from your face).

lip gloss can be used in a variety of ways.

Gloss can be used to create an array of different looks. You can use it as an alternative to lipstick, or you can even use it as a highlighter for your eyes!

It is a great way to achieve ombre lips without having to worry about smudging and bleeding colors into each other. This is especially useful if you don’t want much color but still want some shine on your lips. If you’re not sure how to go about this look, check out our video below:


There are many ways to use gloss. It’s versatile, easy to apply and looks great on most people! If you’re looking for new makeup ideas or want a fun new way to play with your look then consider using some lip gloss as an alternative to lipstick or gloss.

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