5 types of Conditioner

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Conditioner is a go-to hair product for many of us. It helps to enhance your hair’s appearance and health, but it can be difficult to choose between all the different kinds. Here are five types of conditioner you should know about:


  • If you have dry hair, a moisturizing conditioner is a good option. It will help to seal in moisture, making your hair look shiny and healthy.
  • Moisturizing conditioners are suitable for all hair types. If you have fine or oily hair, however, it’s best to use one that has less protein than one that is specifically designed for thick or curly locks (more on this later).


Your hair can be frizzy and fly away, but with conditioner you can reduce the frizz and make it easier to comb. It’s a lifesaver for people with curly or afro-textured hair. When you use this type of conditioner, it makes your hair look healthy and shiny. If you have long hair, then it will be easy to style after a conditioner treatment because the conditioner makes your tresses smooth and soft. This type of conditioner is also good for people who suffer from split ends because it helps prevent breakage in the future by keeping all those little hairs together!


A deep conditioner is a hair care product that helps repair damage and restore moisture.

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  • Volumizing

Conditioners that are volumizing tend to be heavier and more dense. This means they stay in place on the hair and don’t run down your face when you wash your hands. They work by setting up a frizz-free barrier that helps keep your hair looking smooth throughout the day. If you’re dealing with fine or thinning hair, this may be a good option for keeping it looking thicker while still maintaining its natural texture. Since these types of conditioners are so concentrated, they can be used sparingly—a little bit goes a long way!


Color-protecting conditioner is a popular choice among those who have recently colored their hair and are looking to keep the color from fading. It can be used with any color of hair, but it’s especially beneficial for those who have dyed their hair red or blonde. The conditioner will help to keep your color from fading over time, which means you won’t need to visit your stylist as often (and spend money on more dye).

This type of conditioner does not contain any harsh chemicals that could damage your hair in any way. This makes it safe for everyday use and even recommended by many stylists!

Conditioner can come in many different types.

There are many different types of conditioner, and each one is designed to solve a specific problem. Whether you’re looking for a product that moisturizes, smooths, deep conditions or protects color in your hair, there’s definitely something out there for you.

Conditioners can be used on all hair types: fine and thin; coarse and curly; straight or wavy. After shampooing your hair with a good clarifying shampoo (like Amika), apply the conditioner from the roots to tips of your hair as if you were combing it through with your fingers in an upward motion from root to tip. Make sure every strand gets some love!


As you can see, the world of conditioner is a varied one. Whether you’re looking to add moisture, smoothness or volume, there’s a product out there for you. If you want to protect your color as well as keep your hair healthy, look no further than these types of products!

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